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IBS Interview Podcast: Charles Robinson

November 5, 2023
Black Summit Interviews
Season 2, Episode #2 – Charles Robinson

In this podcast episode, Glenn Greenidge and Grace Lawrence interview CHARLES ROBINSON, JD:  

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Charles Robinson has extensive training and experience in Labor/Employment Law, and Mediation. A graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, and the University of Wisconsin-Law School, he is a former Administrative Law Judge, and a former Special Master for the Milwaukee County Circuit Courts.

He has practiced mediation for 30 years and has served on mediator panels for the Milwaukee County Family Court, the Rock County Family Court, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the United States Postal Service, and Resolute Systems. He has also managed disputes for universities, prisons, schools, and governmental agencies. Charles also provides training workshops and seminars for schools, businesses, and community groups.

Over the course of his professional career, Charles has been an adjunct professor teaching in the Schools of Human Services and Continuing Professional Services for Springfield College-Milwaukee Campus. He also taught paralegal courses and Police Science for Milwaukee Area Technical College, Constitutional Law for the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh, and Abnormal Psychology for Concordia University.

While teaching with a commitment to transform socioeconomic conditions and violence in his community, Charles has been an active volunteer community leader. Some of his work includes creating block-clubs; serving as District Commissioner for the Boy Scouts of America; providing mediation training for law enforcement; facilitating restorative justice for youth and police officers; and serving as a program leader with Landmark Worldwide, a personal and professional training and development corporation.

During the interview, we ask our guests about their lives and careers, with a focus on how they effectively use the Summit Tools and Distinctions in all aspects of life. 

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