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IBS Interview Podcast: Jonn Thomas

March 3, 2024
Black Summit Interviews
Season 2, Episode #4 – Jonn Thomas

This month, Glenn Greenidge and Grace Lawrence interview JONN THOMAS:

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Jonn has served as an International Black Summit (IBS) Facilitator, trainer, curriculum developer, and co-leader of the IBS Facilitator Body. For over 30 years he has personally coached or trained more than 1,000 people in areas of personal power, career, relationships, goal setting, business, project management, and leadership.

Jonn Thomas is the president of MicroBiz Marketing, a company that specializes in creating customized and affordable marketing solutions for small businesses. His technical marketing expertise is an outgrowth of his commitment to delivering huge outcomes to business owners and others who want to live expansive lives.

Jonn’s coaching and facilitator training includes his 1993-2000 participation in Landmark Education, where he completed training that prepared him to lead introductions to the Landmark Forum and the Self-Expression and Leadership Program.

According to Jonn, “We all have our own unique gifts & talents. I believe the greatest gift we can give is the gift of really being fully ourselves. You have God given talents. I invite you to be exactly who you are. Develop your vision and gifts, then share them with your family, friends, community and even the world. Imagine that!”

An avid connoisseur of P’Funk, Soul and Blues music, Jonn mostly enjoys practicing new music on his bass guitars and showing off his Carolinian barbecue grill skills.

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