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Events & Courses

Our Annual Summit Event

Join us the first full weekend in August each year for our Annual Summit Event!

Our 2024 Annual Summit Event will be held from Thursday, August 1, 2024 to Sunday, August 4, 2024 via videoconferencing on Zoom and satellite sites.

Click here to register or to find out more.

IBS Podcasts

Want a taste of the Summit Conversation?  Listen to one of our Podcast episodes!

The International Black Summit Interview Series is a Podcast that interviews current and past participants and facilitators of the International Black Summit.  The Podcast explores their Summit experiences and the ways in which they use the Summit Tools and Distinctions in their lives.

Click here to WATCH on our YouTube channel.

Click here to LISTEN on our Podcast website.

Our Podcast is also available on Spotify, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, and other well-known podcast directories.

Sunday Summit Shares

You can participate in FREE, live sessions that will give you a flavor of the “Summit Conversation”! (The International Black Summit is “a conversation that is being given by life, to the world, through people of Black African descent” — see Our Declaration for more.)

Every Sunday evening (Eastern time), we provide an opportunity for Summit participants and their guests to engage with the Summit Conversation, as well as the Summit Tools and Distinctions.  During these interactive discussion sessions, our topics change from week-to-week and cover all aspects of life, including health, relationships, prosperity, community, justice, education, parenting, and many other subjects.  Participants have the opportunity to engage with the topics, the Summit Tools, and their lives in ways that provide an opportunity for reflection and self-empowerment.

TO JOIN US ON ZOOM ANY SUNDAY AT 7:15 PM EASTERN (FOR FREE!), or to find out more about our Sunday Summit Shares, click here to contact us.

Prerequisite Courses

As a prerequisite for the Annual Summit Event and for navigating life, this course introduces you to the International Black Summit Distinctions, Declaration, and Purpose(s).

The Course is designed to improve your capacity for authentic listening and promotes our understanding of Self and others. This experience provides a basis and a background for building ourselves and for creating self-generated communities.

Graduates of our Prerequisite have used the course’s tools to build and enhance their own lives and businesses as well as to promote or produce healing justice work, social justice work, anti-racism work, and community engagement and development.

To find out more, or to register for an upcoming Prerequisite Course, click here to contact us.

Community and Regional Events

The purpose of CARE Team Programs is to explore extraordinary and fundamental tools that each participant can use in their communities, and in their daily lives, to fulfill upon their visions.

Facilitators who deliver CARE programs are dedicated to the delivery of the Summit conversation at the grass roots level.

Current and future programming aims to open the mind, heart and soul of participants who are leaders of companies or organizations that serve the community. The meaning of community, as it appears in the IBS Declaration, is explored in all programs: We assert that we are responsible for generating community as possibility and distinction.

This has the effect of expanding and deepening participants’ commitment to serving their communities and revisiting their visions to ensure alignment with who they really are.

To find out more about our CARE programs, click here to contact us.