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IBS Interview Podcast: Olubode Shawn Brown

February 5, 2023
Black Summit Interviews
Season 1, Episode #11 – Olubode Shawn Brown

In this podcast episode, Glenn Greenidge and Grace Lawrence interview OLUBODE SHAWN BROWN, one of the original drafters of the Declaration of the International Black Summit.

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Olubode is hired by organizational leaders, entrepreneurs and creatives to help them as they think through the complexities of their lives, businesses and enterprises. He is the author of two books on Well-Being, Life-Purpose and Balance: BLOOM The Essential Journey- A New Guide to Balance Growth & Well-Being and FINDING YOUR B.I.G. – Finding New Purpose In Changing Times. In them he introduces a new way of thinking and asking fundamental questions based on the five elements that grow and balance life. This body of thought is called “The Philosophy of BLOOMING.”

He is the founder of BLOOM Education Institute where he offers Coaching & Guidance, Online & In-Person Courses, Keynotes and Corporate Consulting.
His work is focused on working with diverse leaders who are thinking collectively, working cooperatively, and acting globally in the fields of Well-Being & Mental Health, Social Justice, Economic Empowerment, Equity and Community Development.

Olubode spends his time between Accra Ghana, New York City, Los Angeles, California and the island of Jamaica.

During the interview, we ask Olubode about his work and about how he effectively uses the Summit Tools and Distinctions in all aspects of life.

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