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International Black Summit Interview Podcast: Dr. Mwangaza Michael-Bandele

September 11, 2022
Black Summit Interviews
Season 1, Episode #6 – Dr. Mwangaza Michael-Bandele

In this podcast episode, Glenn Greenidge and Grace Lawrence interview DR. MWANGAZA MICHAEL-BANDELE about how she effectively uses the Summit Tools and Distinctions in her career, in her life, and in the Summit.

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Dr. Mwangaza Michael-Bandele—veteran educator, facilitator, and higher education administrator—is an executive leader and elite performance strategist who supports individuals and organizations with accomplishing what they envision. While senior director at a national higher education association for 16 years, she honed executive and organizational leadership skills directing multi-million dollar education initiatives. With a terminal degree in history, Dr. Michael-Bandele uses skills of the historian’s craft to track and leverage patterns that inform strategic winning.

Dr. Michael-Bandele specializes in leveraging historical knowledge of African American achievement to teach heightened self-regard and self-accountability. She is currently CEO of the Blacknificent Life! Digital Learning Complex where people of African descent learn how great they already are, and how to become even greater.

Dr. Michael-Bandele enjoys nothing more than activating individual and organizational strengths, often undistinguished. As a mother, grandmother, and community resource, she is honored to bring maternal wisdom and community regard to work that celebrates the infinite capacity of every human being.

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